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My battle.net account was hacked and taken as I didn't have 2-factor authentication. Emails, passwords, phone numbers and usernames were all changed, leaving me completely locked out of my account. I then contacted support and managed to get it back relatively quickly. I then played Call of Duty MW with no problems for weeks... Then one day, I tried to log in and was met with a message saying I was PERMANENTLY BANNED from Call of Duty, despite NEVER having cheated on any online game. I believe that when I was hacked, the hacker cheated in a multiplayer match or warzone, leading to this ban.

When trying to change this situation, no one is ever able to help me, with support saying that the ban is irreversible, and cannot be appealed as Activision goes through "a thorough process of finding and banning cheaters", which they've clearly done wrong, as I am not one.

I've paid quite a bit of money for the game and other in-game items. So it feels really unfair for me to suffer because Blizzard's system was exploited and my account was stolen.
If it really is impossible to get unbanned, I would at least hope to get some sort of refund since I won't be able to play a game I've spent hundreds of BRL (Brazilian currency) and hours on.

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I hope for a refund or unban.

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Bedrijf status


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