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I am writing to claim for compensation for denial of our flight with Aer Lingus.

We have been denied by Aer Lingus for boarding to the flight no. EI0603 from Amsterdam to San Francisco via Dublin at 9.36 AM, Thursday 24 January 2019. It was a economy-class return flight tickets for two persons, costing totally 996.30 Euro. After denial, we have reserved two new return-flight tickets with KLM requiring us to pay an additional amount of 3457.42 Euro. It was a direct flight, no. KL605, from Amsterdam to San Francisco on the same day at 10.25 AM.

In response to our question regarding the reason of denial, Aer Lingus agents at the Schiphol have shown us a regulation that requires some nationalities including Iranians to apply for transit visa if they want to pass an irish airport in order to travel to another country. However, this came as a surprise to us. First of all, the disruption that happened to us could have been simply prevented if you have had at least a short notification in your website to give clients a warning. Even though question about country of origin was part of the online reservation procedure, the process continued until full reservation without any advance notice that indicates a possible problem for Iranians. We got even an email afterwards from Aer Lingus regarding providing advance information for non-US residents, but there was no information about the possession of transit visa for Iranians. Furthermore, we have had experience of traveling from San Francisco to Amsterdam via Dublin with Aer Lingus in 2018. We could take the flight without being denied.

As permanent residents (green card holders) of the USA and the Netherlands, we are frequent travelers of the world. Our current experience with your airline alarmed us to be careful about selection of airlines in the future. Unfortunately, it caused us lots of stress and expenses.

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Bedrijf status


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