Klacht Albert Heijn: Confusion and Inconvenience caused by limits on buying without any sign or notice

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It is a complaint to AH at Krugerplein 3, 1092 JZ Amsterdam. I went to shop for tissue and kitchen towel. I took 2 of each and was told by the female cashier that I can only take 1 each. There is no sign or notice by the shelf. If it is AH's policy, please do put a sign by the shelf. If it is not the policy, I request for an apology.

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I need to AH to confirm if it is AH's policy that you are limiting purchase. If so, what is exactly the limit? And what products does the limit apply for.

If it is not a policy of AH, I request AH to apologise for giving false information.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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