Klacht Aliaz Cooperation Sia: annoying bills and Reminders - stop sending them!

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De klacht

I have received two reminders for bill payment - R401271053 and R401303968. I have not asked for any Dermaskin product - do not trust any new company and am not going to pay for something I do not need.
I have written to the mentioned email previously with no resolve.

De oplossing

cancel the invoices and stop sending me the reminders!!

3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Aliaz Cooperation Sia
    Dear Anoop Arya,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    You write that you have contacted our customer service previously and there was no resolve.
    Could you please provide us with the ticket ID you have received from our customer service?

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Kind Regards,

    Derma skin support
  2. Auteur

    That is the problem, when i contacted the mentioned email id on the website, i got a failure delivery message. Did not know any other avenue to take up the case hence ended up here.
  3. Auteur
    Dear DermaSkin people,

    Thanks for your reply. I do not remember ever ordering anything from you. I have not received any products from your company. I live in a student building with a shared corridor and sometimes things go missing - even milk and food from shared fridge! and students come and go all the time.

    Usually when I order I make sure that sellers provide me with tracking number and release shipment only on signature, if they can not provide this I do not buy from them. I have had some bitter experiences from ebay - product was claimed to me delivered but i never got it. As it was not a lot of money so i did not take hassle of fighting it.

    But you are asking me a lot of money for the goods that I do not think I ordered and never received! I do not think it is fair that I have to pay such a huge amount for something that I never got and am never going to be able use!

    I he you understand my situation and cancel the outstanding bill.

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