Klacht Aliaz Cooperation Sia: Never order this pils

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De klacht

Today I received 1 horsepower and pills from Aliaz co. SIA without ordering anything. with Order Number ALSH1105748
I've only begun to search the internet and see that they do it more often. I also received an invoice of € 188.90 and the following month I will probably receive a package with a € 196 invoice, as I have read from other complaints.

I do not want to take any of these people and I do not pay anything to these people. I have also read that I do not have to send anything back because I did nothing. So I'm not going to waste my money on the return of the pills I have not ordered yet!
Take me off your system!
I also wonder how do I get data from

De oplossing

I do not pay anything, I do not send anything back unless at your own expense! and I want to know how they get data from me.

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