Klacht Amazon.de: unsatisfied to Amazon and DHL, ask them to compensate for me.

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De klacht

I bought a laptop from Amazon.de online, they showed they had delivered it successfully to my address on 3rd Jan,2018, but I see nothing until now and never received any email or call, they even do not tell the DHL to ask for a signature of the receiver, and refuse to tell me the name of the postman.I think it is because of their work fault that leads to this loss. They told me to connect to DHL and ask for police, but no solution yet. I think they are just pasting the buck to others and wasting my time,since this problem has seriously affected my normal life. Also unsatisfied to their work efficiency and attitude.

De oplossing

In general, both the Amazonn and DHL should compensation the laptop for me, besides, they should compensate for my moral damages and for delay of time. The most important is to send a new one to me as soon as possible

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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