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I've received a 3rd shipment now. I'm happy to have paid for the introductory order, but I was not aware that there will be several more coming my way after that order. There is no way I'm paying 33,80 for each shipment - I want to send back my 2nd & 3rd shipment ASAP please. Please send me your address details in order for me to ship it all back?

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Please send me your delivery details in order for me to ship it all back? I'm not paying for the 2nd & 3rd shipment. Please also stop sending me anything going forward.

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    Dear mister van der Merwe

    On June 27, you subscribed to the Official €2 collection.

    In the offer you could choose from 4 options. You have chosen the 1st option and paid € 14.95 for this.

    Because you have subscribed to the collection, you have received your second delivery.

    In addition, we have sent you an email in advance with the announcement that your next delivery will be sent soon.
    It also contained a link to unsubscribe if you were no longer interested in the first delivery. We have not received any cancellation from you.

    We conclude from your email that you were not aware of the offer you accepted. No problem. We have immediately removed you from the reservation list.
    You will therefore no longer receive coins.

    You can return your order to Amsterdams MuntKantoor, Antwoordnummer 11555, 1000 RA Amsterdam.

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