Klacht Androidsystems.nl: Awful products, even worse customer service

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Ordered an android laptop via Bol.com from Android Systems. It was timely shipped, but what a piece of rubbish. Cheap plastic casing, unresponsive mouse pad, slow to respond keyboard, and not at all as described in their advert. So naturally I returned it after trying to use for for half an hour. There was no way I was going to keep it. I then get an email to say it was not in 'as new' condition. It was returned in 'EXACTLY' the same condition it was received. The products is so bad it a child wouldn't play with it as it's such bad quality. Now they expect that it should be paid for, despite the fact it was returned in the same condition it was received. Such a lousy response from this company, they have taken my return very personally, it's almost as if I am insulting them by returning it. They are rude and abrasive. The shocking part of their service is that on their website they use GMAIL for their services. How unprofessional is that???

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They apologise for their lousy service, for sending me a substandard product and that they realise the product was returned and I will pay for NOTHING

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Bedrijf status


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    So they now know this complaint is here and I've been threatened with legal action, despite their right to reply to this particular complaint. Legal action of a legitimate complaint, and my experience with them. Absolutely shocking customer service.

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