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I feel cheated by the insurers. Zero contact with them does not answer the phone, although a week ago I am trying to get through. I have problems with this insurance company. They did not cancel my insurance, though I asked for it. I place for two cars. Although one of them is already suspended. I have three invoices. two for old insurance. And one large invoice for new insurance. My car is damaged. The accident will not win the blame. And the insurance company sends me an email and will not do anything about it. And thatI have to deal with it myself. Why would I need an insurance company? It's my insurance data :Polisnummer

TG0094034 , Polisnummer

TG0144611 . I am asking for help in solving this problem.

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I want to give up this insurance. explain situations with invoices, explain situations with what so many squares if nobody wants to help me.

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