Klacht Apple: iPhone7 and planned obsolescence at the Apple Store Amsterdam

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De klacht

Dear Apple, two weeks after the purchase of the above mentioned cellphone, I accidentally dropped it, for the first and only time.I picked the cellphone with a tiny (2mm) scratch in the bottom left corner and multiple cracks on the display.
1. Apple sells a product which does not meet core user requirements, especially for such a price.
When I came to your Apple store in Amsterdam to fix the display, first of all, I had to wait for 13 minutes, although I had an appointment. Secondly, your colleague shortly discussed the case with other retailers and stated that the display could not be repaired because of the scratch. According to him, the telephone had to be swapped for the price of a half of a new iPhone7.
2. Apple sells a product which cannot be even repaired after a simple drop, and suggests to buy a new product.
3. After my request, Apple refused to hand in my iPhone7 for their further examination.
I'm sorry to have experienced a perfect example of planned obsolescence.

De oplossing

-Either money back for my iPhone7, or
-Coverage of the replacement/repair costs of my damaged iPhone7

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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