Klacht auto Neunen: breaking a car purchase deal, not having all the money back.

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De klacht

I bought a second hand Citroen, C3 car from Mr. Zwenger on 13 June 2018 for 3450 euros, and immediately next day, the car was broken. Mr. Zwenger changed the battery for me. Next day again, the car was going off by itself, and he said that he fixed it, but I doubt it, as the problem was still there. After 3 times taking the car there, I asked to break the deal and give the car back,as it was not safe at all to drive with a car that was going off during driving! I was putting my life in danger. he said he cant because he needs to pay for taxes, so he deducted 600 euros, and gave back the rest of money. I think its not fair, as I could not even use the car due to countless problems it had. I should not have paid 600 euros for a car that was handed to me broken already. I complain against this situation, this is direct stealing money.

De oplossing

Give me back my 600 euros, I did not use the broken car.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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