Klacht Autorijschool Denk: Discrimination complaint

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In the beginning, I thought the discrimination had to do with my race (black Antillean - American decent) but from the conversation last week, it became clear that the discrimination had to do with gender (female).
The discriminatory feelings had to do with the way the administrative office was handling all my mails/texts/phone calls (have copies of all texts and mails) but from the very condescending conversation, I had last week, I concluded that Autorijschool Denk! was discriminating on basis of gender. The phone conversation started with yelling from their side and ended in a decent talk when my husband took over. Although, we later talked to the driving instructor, who had no problems with us, the administrator still e-mailed back that he was cutting ties. A pity, he couldn't look past gender/race.
Lastly, I want to point out that all my classes and examination fees were paid for and I still have not gotten the money back from Autorijschool Denk!, which they owe me.

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Money they owe, we want back including credit invoice, as promised in the mail Autorijschool Denk sent.
Apology for the way, they handled the business from the administrative office.
Would have wanted to finish driving courses with them, but at this point, it's not necessary anymore!

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    Autorijschool Denk
    Att: Cessna Liberata Romanda Veeris-KleinmoederWe are sorry to hear we haven’t lived up to your expectations. We do not recognize ourselves in your representation of these events – we never let race or gender be part of our policies. We told you repeatedly you need driving lessons before you can pass the exam, but you disagreed with us. We strongly advised you to look for another driving school and credited your money immediately –except for the CBR fee. We believe this to be a very fair approach. We are very disappointed you abuse strong words as discrimination because we don’t tell you what you want to hear. It is sick making. Really.

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