Klacht Avis Autoverhuur: illegal and unlowfull charge of administration fee

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De klacht

I have rented a car, and give it back to them and signed the final return invoice and paid all what i have to do with my credit card,

now i receive a letter of administration of 48 Euro and the letter says because i had a fine, and to send my information to the municipality they charge me 48 euro for each fine, this is theft, and stealing consumer money,

on top of it they used my credit card on file without my authorization which is illegal, as any merchant have credit card numbers cannot use them without the consent of the client.

i want someone to look into this scam these guys are doing for me and a lot other of consumer who have no time to complain or do not know about consumer rights and protection,

this is theft and consumer protection office should not let company like that to steal consumer money and give bad reputation to the country.

imagine you get 3 fines avis ( budget ) charge you 48 euro for each fine + municipality send you their own invoice.

De oplossing

i want the Administration fee that was charged without my authorization on my credit card to be refunded as it was without my approval.

if Avis have something to do with Administration or extra cost after me closing and signing the last contract ( Bill ) they have to mail me and ask me how i like to pay it,

and it's unfair what they are doing with the consumers by stealing their money.

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