Klacht Baby-Dump.nl: My baby product from Baby-dump was delayed to deliver again and again without informing

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I paid 139 Euro for a sit cover (part of Mutsy Transit) for my baby on June 11 (my baby is 6 months that time) through Baby-dump shop. They said it will be delivered 2 weeks later. However, I did not get it after 28 days, Last week I go the shop, they said it will be delivered this Tuesday and sent the message through email.

However, I still did not get it This Tuesday, up to now, it's 4 weeks since I paid. So I call the service showed in website +31 (0) 499 - 460 800, they just mentioned maybe the end of this week they did not know.

I'm really not satisfied about the services from baby-dump as customers. it seems I'm always cheated by their promise. My baby could not wait for the change from stroller to carriage.

Wish my situation could be sloved and treated properly and every promise from sellers could be kept.

De oplossing

I would like to get my product to delivered this two days, as my baby has waited for a month already.

Of course I could cancel and buy a new one from other shop. However, I waited almost 5 weeks due to I believe their promise one by one

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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