Opgelost door Basic-Fit: Customer support denied cancellation and would not permit me to speak with the supervisor to discuss

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Email with 'customer support' failed on every level:

Final open email to Ravenna at BF:
...You told me in order to speak with someone else to make a complaint about you, I should contact this general email address and would be put in touch with your supervisor. But now that I’ve done that, you responded to this email again. A blatant lie that I have on record.

To inform you, this will also now be an open letter to basic fit on a complaint website as you have done nothing, but hold me back from receiving support. Your company should know about your lack of performance and now they will.

To review everything that’s happened since my first complaint months ago:
You said I cannot cancel my contract because of personal reasons which I will not make public but have to do with health and safety
I informed you of my exact request on signing my contract in a situation like this to which you replied I can cancel only if I am personally injured/unable to attend the facility or if I move away
I informed you I cannot personally attend because of the health reasons discussed
I requested to speak to your superior and you denied my request
You said I cannot talk with a decision maker in your company (and you provided no reason for this)

I informed you I would like to make a formal complaint about this lack of support or service

The only way to make a complaint is to email this general klant service email (according to you) and speak with someone else
Or you said I could tell you directly, but I cannot because it’s a conflict of interest
After I emailed the general klant service email to talk to someone else about my complaint regarding you personally - you responded to this email
Now the only way to make a complaint about you is to tell you the exact complaint to determine if you find it worthy.
Frankly at this point you are just lying to me and I cannot expect a solution from further contact with you.

...character limit...

Finally, hereby I have officially informed you that my account is cancelled. There is no longer and never will be a continuation of my contract. Additionally, no further requests for payment will be completed until I am provided the reason why you requested said payment. Simply put, if you cannot provide the simple overview of my account, then you cannot provide proof that I have not fully paid either.

...character limit...

De oplossing

Cancel my subscription, repremand your incredibly terrible customer support Raveena and provide her training if she is to continue

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Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
They finally did the right thing and permitted my cancellation of the subscription due to health reasons. They also said they would reimburse me the money they took that they weren't suppose to. They said within 15 days and I've already seen it so that's nice. It's just such a shame that it took them 3 months and my final response in public to finally care about a customer. Especially considering I was ignored multiple weeks until I followed up (all in private). It makes me think they don't care about the customer, but instead are just trying to save face in public space like Klachtenkompas. I wish I could say I am happy now, but I've lost trust in Basic-Fit to just have a simple human approach when dealing with paying customers. It would have been nice to hear they don't support their CS agent who treating their customer poorly, but I think they will quickly move on. I really appreciate spaces like Klachtenkompas to help the little guy in these situations. Thank you Klachtenkompas.

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