Klacht Basic-Fit: Overcharged and not able to end subscription

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De klacht

The gym continued charging me during the time it was closed due to coronavirus. I was stranded abroad so I was busy trying to return to The Netherlands and didn't take care of this issue because I thought it would be solved by the gym and they would return the money (the logic thing to do).
After I managed to return to The Netherlands after months of being stranded abroad, I received an email announcing the re-opening and describing the new policies and measures of the gym. I did not like those measures and I don't feel safe going to a gym on these times so I decided to cancel my subscription and ask my money back.
They answered saying that they can't give my money back (didn't explain why) and that they would give me a discount in the next 6 months. But I don't want a discount, I want my money back and to end my subscription.
I requested it 3 times via mail after trying with the web app for several days (the app fails when you try to unsubscribe, see screenshot) and they never cancelled my subscription. Today I woke up with a new charge in my bank account. They keep charging me even after I explicitly requested to end my subscription.

De oplossing

I want to end my subscription and get my money back for the time the gym was closed and for the month of July when I was charged after requesting to finish my subscription.

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Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
This issue is not solved. You didn't return my money and I forgot about the issue because I don't want to spend more time on this. But now you are claiming one month of subscription because you charged me the month of July! I showed you that I was trying to unsubscribe from mid June but your system was not working. My subscription should have ended at the end of June. Not at the end of July.
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