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On June 27 bought a partytent (gazebo). It was delivered on June 30th. The same day we had a kids birthday party in a park, installed the tent. It was standing for just about 2 hours, nobody hit it, nobody applied any unreasonable force to it. When disassembling the tent, discovered that most plastic fixtures have cracks and the whole product is now unusable. Complained to the seller, they were very arrogant and basically told me to bugger off. Told me I broke it myself. In fact it is a very low quality product, basically a disposable one.

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Full refund since product doesn't fulfil the reasonable quality expectations. It has NOT been described as only good for one time use.


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    I am tired of you stonewalling me with ridiculous requests. I can of course send you the video but I see little value in it. The video certainly doesn't cover the whole 2 hours of use (I was not expecting I needed that) and judging from your attitude to your clients you will try again to argue that I myself broke the tent exactly when the camera stopped. You are just a very irresponsible company selling bad products. I can see I am not the first client that suffered. You know the product is of poor quality but you keep pushing the blame upon your customers. I attach the photos. Even without some sort of scientific testing one can see the quality of plastic is inadequate.

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