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They charged me double for the activation fee eight months after my registration, and I was unable to use their mobile app, register for classes, or check in at the till without waiting for verification that I was registered. Despite reaching out to their support team multiple times, I have not received any responses or resolution to my issues. I am frustrated and confused as to why I am being charged double for a system error, and why they are refusing to refund me. I had to reverse the bank charge but then got charged extra by the gym for this.

According to their general terms:
1.9 Activation fee: fee for activation at a registration.

So why do I have to pay it 8 months after registration?

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Remove the 10EURO activation fee charge + 5 EURO reversal charge
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4 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Big Gym
    Dear R. Lubbe,

    Thank you for your message.
    Could you send an email to administratie@biggym.nl with your details.
    Then we can see if this problem can be solved.

    Thanks in advance!

    Jim - BigGym
  2. Auteur
    Dear Jim,

    I have already sent email to administratie@biggym.nl a week ago, and received an automated response saying "Ticket ontvangen". I got no response from you.
  3. Auteur
    still not resolved
  4. Auteur
    BigGym takes very long to response. Still not resolved. They insist on me paying an activation fee 8 months after I registered. In this period, I could not make use of their services because of a system error. This was all because of a system error on BigGym.

    BigGym is a scam. They make it really difficult for people to quit their Gym and even access their Gym. To take money from them make. I would instead register at another Gym not this one.

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