Klacht Bo-Rent: The manager of BO-RENT Ypenburg gave us uninspected vehicle with damaged tire.

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We have received an unexpected transportation wehicle with a soft tire from BO-RENT in Ypenburg at 16:08. The presure of the tire was 2.3 instead of 3.6. We tried to pump the tire in vain because the presure was falling in less than 5 minutes from 3.6 to 3.4 as soon as we tried to pump it. And the wehicle was not even loaded. So at 18.30 after trying without success, we were forced to search through the city a service which could replace the tire. Luckily we managed to find one place and we kindly asked them to do us a favour (although they were already closed) and paid 35 euros i cash to do the job. During the whole process we lost 2-3 hours and precisely because of this we could not finish everything in time as we intended and had to return the wehicle in two days instead the next day. Although this was a fault of the employee in BO-RENT Ypenburg who is also manager there, because he did not inspected the vehicle at all and he just gave us the keys, he also refused to take responsibility for his mistake and not charge the extra day (since the vehicle was returened early in the morning and was not used for an extra day). He neither at least gave us some kind of discount on the second day, nor wanted to return the money for changing the tire. They said they will call us the day we returned the wehicle two days ago but they did not. When we called them this morning they claimed the tire we changed is not damaged and it was just little soft. Which is not true since it was constantly loosing presure. And in 3 days they could easily repair it. The point is that I have pictures, from the tire before we replaced it from both the right front tire which is softer and a comparison picture from the left fron which looks normal, and have sent them to their official customer email in less than an hour after we rented the vehicle with explanation of the problem we are facing. So their stories that the tire is normal are simple lies. I hope his managers will do something in order innocent customers not to pay for the mistakes of incompetent and iresponible employees.

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Not to be charged 128 EUR for an extra day for the mistake of an employee and to receive back 35 EUR for tire replacement.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear mr./mrs. Karasarlidis,
    First of all, we regret your negative rental experience at one of our locations. We have forwarded your complaint to the appropriate department which will handle it.
    We kindly request you to send your question / complaint directly to us in the future (info@bo-rent.nl or the contact form on www.bo-rent.nl). In this way we can forward the complaint directly to the correct department, which means that settlement will be faster.
    Bo-rent Customer service

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