Klacht Braun: Cashback offer on product is a scam.

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De klacht

The cashback offer on the Staafmixer has not been honoured. I sent the required documents in on time (a ridiculous process anyway, printing emails etc and sending by post!), I used extra postage and put my return address but they still claim to have not received it. When I told them the address I sent to, they said it was the wrong address. So I proved that the address I quoted is actually the address that the website and email from them directs to. The Cashback offers seem to be just a scam that Braun have no intention of honouring, based on the number of complaints I have seen on the internet about the same thing.

De oplossing

I would like them to be held accountable for honouring a discount that is offered at point of sale. They should drop the whole cashback offer altogether. If a product is on sale, then put it on sale at point of purchase.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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