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I received an extremely high jaarnota and contacted Budget Energie to make a betalingsregeling for the jaarnota of Euro 141 and pay Euro 48 for monthly costs. I was paying this each month and in March 2020 as I had lost my job and due to Corona Virus could not get the new job I was offered. I contacted Budget Energie with the evidence to ask them to reduce the amount for the betalingsregeling Jaarnota as I had no WW uitkering or bijstand and I was also objecting to UWV for this. In the meantime I still maintained my monthly payments and after my payment in May 2020, Budget Energie decided by themselves to increase this amount to Euro 284 without a reason and without considering my financial condition. I have sent them several emails and called them several times to keep to our arrangements but they refuse to keep my betalings regeling for jaarnota and asked for immediate payment or they will issue me a boete for Euro 200 and they want me to pay Euro 284 instead of Euro 48 which was our initial agreement and I was paying this each month. I received no proper response to my emails or phone calls except that no one can help me and only refusal to find a solution. I am shocked and upset by their unprofessional behaviour but also not keeping to their own agreements.

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I would like Budget Energie to keep my betalings regeling for jaarnota either to Euro 141 (maximum) and monthly payment of Euro 48 as agreed without extra boetes or incasso.

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    Dear Mrs. Bathnagar,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had a lesser experience with our customer service. My apologies.

    When entering into a payment arrangement, it is a requirement that you do not make any reversals in the meantime. You have reversed the amount one time and therefore the payment arrangement has been canceled. We can put the payment arrangement back into the system, but there should be no other outstanding items for this. That is why we have indicated that you must first pay the outstanding monthly amount.

    On May 14, 2020 we sent you an email stating that your monthly amount is too low. We have announced the change to € 284. It was clearly stated in the email that you could let us know if you did not want the change to go through. Unfortunately we have not heard from you and therefore the change has been made.

    I have adjusted your future monthly amount again to € 48. This does mean that you will have a large additional payment on the next annual bill. Unfortunately, we can no longer correct invoiced monthly amounts. The monthly amount of the month of June will have to be paid before we can continue with the payment arrangement.

    I'm sorry to hear that you do not agree with the change in the monthly amount, but we have informed you well in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot change the monthly amounts retroactively. Once the monthly amount has been paid, you can contact our customer service to resume the payment arrangement.

    Budget Energie Webcare

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