Klacht Centraal Tapijtreiniging Hali Yikama: Carpet damage - centraal tapijtreining den haag

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De klacht

On 28.07.2017 , I delivered my handmade carpet to Centraal tapijtreining ( located Viaductweg 38 - 40) in the process I especially mentioned the carpet is handmade so required gentle steam cleaning and got my carpet as ruined , it was shrinked & colors faded badly. I contacted the company several times and at each conversation the contact person kept on sort of escalating the issue. Today I sent them another email ( including my bill for the carpet and ask them to transfer this amount in my account ( I informed them several times I am not going to wait for their insurance) they neglect this situation blaming me that carpet does not have a good quality and in a very harsh tone ( I have communication on my phone)

De oplossing

I am going to contact my lawyer regarding the issue and the solution is of course to receive this specific amount in my account within 3 working days since I have been waiting for 11 days for a solution.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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