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Lani Kingston
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Parent company of online travel agent cheaptickets.sg. Contract of purchase and receipt lists Travix in the Netherlands as seller of flight.

I booked a flight, and shortly after, a close family member passed away. I called to cancel my flight, and the representative agent on the phone advised that cheaptickets.sg/Travix would reduce their admin fee, and apply to Qantas for a bereavement waiver of the Qantas cancellation fee. However, even if neither of these had been reduced, I would have been eligible for over $400 back immediately.

However, they informed me they couldn't refund my fare until the waiver had been approved by Qantas for the $60-odd cancellation fee.

I waited. And waited. I called, emailed, and received very few and very late responses back (and only managed to get someone on the phone once). Every time, they told me the waiver was still in process.

A few months ago I called Qantas, who told me they couldn't do anything because the funds had already been returned to the company!

It's now been well over four months. Hardly any communication, no refund. They are literally holding money that Qantas has returned to them for me, and I can't get it back.

De oplossing

I would like the company to respond to my communications, and for them to refund me the money they are holding that the airline returned for me.

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Lani Kingston
    Still waiting for resolution / contact.
  2. Auteur
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    Dear mrs Kingston,

    Sorry to hear that a family member passed away.
    In orde to solve your request I would like to advise you to contact the correct department in this. Because we can only help customers who booked on our Dutch website. Please contact CheapTickets.SG on phone number 0065 3163 8478 or by mail cs@cheaptickets.sg

    Kind regards,
    CheapTickets.nl Customer Support

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