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Zero stars! I hired this company to come and paint my bedrooms and hallways and I paid 6000 euros as agreed in cash and no VAT. Andreas came twice to check out my apartment and saw what needed to be done. Based on this he agreed to do it for 6000 euros ex VAT. They came, were extremely loud, smoked in my apartment without asking, and ate my food and drinks out of the fridge in the pantry without me seeing it. On the second day when my house was full of smoke, I asked them to please take it outside. Overall they did a horrible job, and afterwards, they did not clean anything. I paid the agreed 6000 euros as agreed, and they left. A few days later when the paint was dry me and my friend noticed a lot of errors and issues and confronted them, Andreas said that he was on holiday in Greece and would come back after his holiday and fix the errors. Andreas promised (on WhatsApp in writing) as he said, sometimes it’s hard to see errors when the paint isn’t dry. So I waited for the holiday period to pass, and two months later in September, asked Andreas when he would come to fix it. But now that the holiday period is over Andreas changed his mind and will not come and he tells me I just need to fix it myself! The worst company ever. Bad communication, they come late and leave early, and they argue amongst themselves. Andreas even asked two of his men to leave on Saturday when they did not agree on the quality delivered (my friend was visiting me that Saturday and witnessed the whole thing!). I want my money back as they conned me! I am discussing this with my lawyer.

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Color time tells me they will cot come to fix their bad quality paint job. They acknowledge they made huge mistakes and have been paid in full as per agreement but they do not care!
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