Klacht Consumentenbond: I have been charged with 3 euro /month by consumentenbond

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Radu Ursache
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Hi,i have become a member of consumentenbond without my approval .

De oplossing

I have called the company consumentenbond and ask them to stop the abbonament witch they made without my consent ,but i m still reciving emails that i have to pay 3 euro monthly.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear sir,

    I am very sorry to hear that you did not mean to get a subscription with our organisation. I see that my colleague has already replied to your messages online on Facebook.

    You did give your approval online for the membership which we gave you free for the first 3 months. The agreement was accepted when you applied for a lease contract. It stated that even if you cancel your lease you should give notice for the subscription separately. We had also e-mailed you a week before the free membership period was coming to an end, to remind you if you do not cancel this (or give us prior notice) you will have to pay €3,- a month. My colleague has ended your membership on your request. Because there is a month notice period it will end on 29-9-2021.

    The letter you received is a second reminder that the payment has not yet been received. The total amount for the subscription is €9,- this is until the end of the subscription period 29-9-2021. If you need more time please don't hesitate to let us know. We will make sure to give you a proper amount of time to be able to complete the payment.

    Kind regards,


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