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I have ordered a washing machine and a dryer from Coolblue on 15th of July. Because I accidentally ordered special installment, that I didn’t need, the order was supposed to be delivered by PostNL. I have decided to cancel the order, as PostNL is not flexible with the delivery. The whole week I kept receiving the emails, that the order will be delivered, while calls to Coolblue didn’t end up in proper cancellation of the order. Still (after 5 calls!) PostNL tried to deliver me the order, which I had cancelled. On 20th of July I was assured by customer service of Coolblue that my case was in escalation department and I will receive my money back on Monday or on Tuesday. I have received only EUR 33 for the dryer, but not the money for the washing machine. Additionally, I have received an email that I can choose any product I like on the sum the Coolblue still owed me, while I indicated that I want to have no business with this crappy service and I just want money back on my bank account in multiple calls held last week. Today, customer service of Coolblue said to me, that they are very busy and I can receive my money within 6(!) working days, but they will try to handle my case sooner. The result is that neither do I have a washing machine, nor do I have money on my bank account after 10 days I have cancelled the order. Additionally, I have lost insane amount of time on talking to the people from Coolblue, that are incapable of doing their job.

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Money back on the account ASAP

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    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for taking your time to make your issue known to us.

    I am sorry to hear that the cancelling of your order did not go as planned. Unfortunately it is more busy than we had anticipated, and this caused the delay in the contact from our backoffice and the credit payment. I see in your account that the credit payment has been send to the bank. So I suspect you will get your refund by tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience cost by this delay.

    Kind regards,

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