Klacht Coronalab.eu: Paid for two rapid Corona tests for travel weeks ago and still can't access the results

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Note: this complaint is in reference only to Thecoronalab.nl (dot nl) and not to Coronalab.eu (dot eu).

My parents were flying internationally out of the Netherlands and needed a Corona test. At the advice of their hotel, they went to thecoronalab.nl office in Rotterdam two days before leaving and were tested.

In total they paid 169,90 eur. The charge was 69.95eur per test X 2 tests, plus 30eur total at the office for rapid tests, just in case. The results should have arrived the day before their flight.

The day before their flight, they received an email with a code and needed to put the code into the Coronalab.nl site to get the results. But when they did so, it didn’t work. The code went in but no results came upon the site.

My parents contacted Coronalab.nl during business hours over two days for help, but the phone line just put them on hold repeatedly for over an hour, and never picked up.

The professional staff at two hotels where they were staying also tried inputting the code and contacting the company several times without success.

Because they never heard from Coronalab.nl, my parents had to pay again at Schiphol to get the fastest test possible. My parents have limited mobility, and going to the office to be tested, the wait to hear back, and rushing to get the second test when Coronalab.nl didn’t respond, were all difficult for them and caused a lot of stress.

Even now, weeks later we’ve never been able to access the results or get a reimbursement for the results they were unable to use for their flight. Multiple emails to the company received only a canned response with no guidance or assistance for accessing the results.

They were staying at a large hotel chain, and their reps have let us know they’ll never suggest Coronalab.nl again and have also notified their other branches in the Netherlands.

We've also posted on relevant message boards for travelers.

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My parents should be reimbursed ASAP for the 169,90 euros they paid for the results they still can’t access.

I've attached a bill showing the price of one test at 69,95. They had two tests and paid an additional 30euros for rapid results, for a total of 169,90.

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Bedrijf status


Coronalab.eu is uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan Klachtenkompas.

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    Dear J.L. Bier,

    Like you said, this complaint is about thecoronalab.nl, not Coronalab.eu. Unfortunately I can't help you and also cannot transfer your complaint to the correct company.

    Since the complaint isn't about Coronalab.eu, I will close it now.

    Kind regards,

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