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My name is Mayank Choudhary. I took a KPN one year contract on 31st December 2013. On 20th January, when I was reading news on my smart phone, my infant son accidentally tapped on the screen of my mobile. The tapping ended up opening the link www.tubehunter.nl. All of a sudden, I received a SMS on my mobile that was in Dutch. It said that I would be charged Euro 4.50/week for subscribing to maxvid.xxx.nl . I accidentally clicked the link and was charged the money. I went to payinfo.nl and de-registered myself. I called up KPN but they said they cannot do anything as they are just a facilitator. The company customer.care@ccsupport.biz never adhered to the Paid Mobile Internet Services Code of Conduct (1 March 2013) and forcefully levied the charge. i never received the confirmation form asking me to sign up for their services.
I expect reversal of the money as I feel cheated . When i exchanged Emails regarding refund, customer.care@ccsupport.biz outrightly refused the reversal. Help

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Need the reversal of the money charged in my invoice of KPN by customer.care@ccsupport.biz . I never opted for their services

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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