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The company did not provide the renovation estimation and the final cost statement with receipt from the each supplier.(the renovation was doen from end of Mar 2020 and the tenant started live from end of Jul 2020) After renovation 3 furniture disappeared. The company excused they are broken and threw away. The pictures of funiture showed nothing was broken. No broken evedence. 2 of then were expensive. Since 2019, more than several cases handled badly by the company. I don't live in Netherlands therefore I asked the company to manage my apartment so that I don`t need to worry about my apartment in Amsterdam at all. But since 2019, when the person in charge changed to my apartment, a lot of problems and I had to arrange the things from Asia. They were happy that I asked to do the renovation but it was very poor handle. After vacate the tenant, they did not start the renovation nearllyl 2 months. Took the renovation for 2 months and after renovation kept my apartment vacant for 2 months... each time I had to give them order what to do.... they supposed to be professional and support their clients. Even they just ran Internet for 5 months in the empty apartment .. really messy operation.... I brought the complains to the director he was just arogant. They do not care what happened. My friend suggested me to contact with you. One of the missing furniture was best friend's relics.
I broke the contract Dec 2021 (they were not involved with finding new tenant from 1 Dec 2021)
My property agent found the next tenant from the next day the previous tenant contract ended.
(My new agent found the tenant from 1 Dec 2021)

Gewenste oplossing

1. The renovation cost statement with all the cost receipt
2. Missing furniture proper report with the evedence
3. The apartment pictures when they put my apartment on the market from May
2020 to find the tenant
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Bedrijf status


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