Klacht De Rozengracht: Stains made by dry cleaners

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At the end of Sep 2014 I left a beige coat for dry cleaning at Kleding Reparatie en Stomerij De Rozengracht at Rozengracht 216, Amsterdam. I was served by a late 30s year old gentleman with black hair. Before I brought my coat to the dry cleaning shop I checked it throughout for stains. I always do. I am quite particular about my clothes. I found a few stains on the right sleeve and I removed them all with soap and water at home . Only afterwards I gave my coat for dry cleaning. I informed the gentleman that all what is left are the watermarks and they always come off as I have done it the same way many times before. He said this was fine and did not record any other stains after inspecting the coat. When I returned to the shop to collect my coat on Oct 4th, 2014, I discovered that there are dark stains in the back of my coat. I have not done them myself, so I deem the shop responsible for a damage. It looks like a darker fabric dyed a lighter one. The shop cleaned the coat again...

De oplossing

...But the stains are not entirely gone. I refused to collect my coat until I am offered a compensation. On Oct 15th, 2014, I wrote a letter which I left at the shop because the lady who was there doesn't speak English. The owner hang up on me on the phone, very rude. Their customer service is terrible trying to avoid a responsibility and blaming me for stains I have not done. If I would, I would definitely be aware of them, first of all, and I would take a blame on myself. But I have not! I also sent an email on Oct 15th asking for a call but no one has contacted me I am afraid. I would like to claim a compensation of EUR 75 for a coat damage and return of money for a service I paid for (approx. EUR 15 I think, paid for many items together, have a copy of a receipt). In total my claim for a compensation in EUR 90. This is really sad to treat customers badly especially that I am a returning customer who brings her clothes there on a regular basis.

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Bedrijf status


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