Klacht Deliveroo: Paid service not delivered

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De klacht

Today we have ordered the food from your SalsaShop Kinkerstraat store Order # 7809 provided by Deliveroo.com, as we are regular customers.

Unfortunately, we have a bad experience with Deliveroo.

Deliveroo driver did not ring the bell and just left the food on the street, so somebody took it. Deliveroo do not want to accept their mistake and do not make a refund. They said that they sent us email in order to open the door?! We have 3 baby kids and we are not expecting SMS notification but ringing the bell of the door, as the delivery is not virtual but from hand to hand.

If the driver left it in front of our home door, but not the building door, we would understand it. If the driver ring the bell and we were not at home or not answering the door, again we would understand it, but this is incredibly wrong.

Additionally, our name and address is on the bill which is attached to the bag so you left our private information on the street?! This is not acceptable according to any standards.

De oplossing

Accept the mistake, apologise and make a refund

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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