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Adrian Ion Badarau
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I have purchased an XPS 17 9700 laptop from Dell, a few days after I discovered that it had problems with battery drain ( https://www.notebookcheck.net/2020-Dell-XPS-17-9700-facing-worrying-charging-issues-drops-from-100-percent-to-65-percent-battery-while-plugged-in.480923.0.html ) they initially told me that it could not be fixed and I should get a refund, but then a manager called and told me that they could fix it and if they couldn't I would still get a refund.

When I called to have it fixed they said that they could not fix it, but they also can't give me a refund since the cooling down period expired. I had an email from a service rep that specifically said that I could get my refund later since I opened the ticket in the cooling down period.

This issue has not been solved in more than a month and still I can't get a proper answer from Dell, every time I call someone else answers and gives me some other answer or transfers me to some other department.

Right now I am stuck with a berly functional expensive piece of equipment that I can't use and still I'm no closer to getting it fixed.
Because of the way my service request got treated I request my money back since I no longer have any trust in Dell customer support to fix any issues.

De oplossing

I want my initial offer for a refund to be accepted and get my money back

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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