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Alexis Gou
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De klacht

I handed in Demi Telecom my mobile phone in order to clean it from the inside since I spilled water on it a couple of days ago. The phone was working properly, it was only facing some problems displaying the starting scene. I was told that there is a case that the back cover of the mobile phone will break when they ll try to open it and I agreed. So the employee deactivated my phone and gave me back my SIM card Three days later, I received my mobile phone with a broken back cover (which is ok because they told me that this might be the case), with a broken screen (with an estimated value of 250 euro) but the worst of all was that the phone was dead. As a result, I have lost all my data since there was no reason for a back up by the time I gave to them a fully functional cellphone. Today they are claiming that they have not done anything to my phone and when I gave it to them, it was already dead. When I am asking for the guy that I handed in the phone, their response is that this guy is on holidays. The shop has a lot of cameras that they can prove my visit there, the time that I spent there and possibly the fact that the phone was working. Additionally, the day that I handed it in, I was with a friend who can certify all these events. Moreover, I visited other shops to get an offer before visiting this one, so there are big chances that other people too can certify that the phone was working.

De oplossing

I think that some parts of the phone are of high value and I want to ask a compensation. In addition, I have lost important data.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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