Klacht DHL Express: Compensation , Excuse , Surcharge of Importing items Without our authorization and false Declaration

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we have Shipment from China to the Netherlands, the amount of the invoice is 4500 USD = 3830 Euro, DHL charged me 1811 Euro in Vat,
590.99 are Duties, where the item should be imported under the right HS Code has no duties, and taxes have to be paid.
DHL refused to fix the wrong data and fix the clearance paper, and charged us 974 Euro transport fees and another 417 EURO transport fees, we asked DHL why you added the 974 + 417 Shipping cost and added by the Sender in China which is total of 500 USD deducted from the 4500 USD and is included in the price of the item. only we have to pay 1811 Euro almost, how come invoice of 3830 Euro we pay 1811 Euro,

Our Invoice is 3830 Euro we should pay VAT for extra fees 974 + 417 as shipping cost, while it was paid and included in our price.

Now DHL Cleared the package without requesting any consent from US or Power of attorney from US, when we asked DHL why you did not contact us to authorize the charges and make sure all documents and pasperwork will processed correctly, the agent answer oh we do not call you before clearing or importing package. and it is not true, we receive / month few packages and we receive SMS in Advance and to be paid online by Credit card, but not this shipment why?

It is Illegal to charge us whatever they want and import items under our name without our authorization. DHL has no right to import and charge taxes while they are paid in china. but again DHL used this space to get out of the money, and without any Authorization from US they are not allowed to clear anything under our name.

DHL refused to discuss with us anything, and send us after 1 week collection agency who added 400 euros on top, if we do not pay it, they are threatening us. this mercy in the Netherlands and is abuse of power to DHL, and I will proceed with legal proceedings against DHL for importing items and clearing it without my Authorization and approval.

here is the HS code 8525.50.0000 where this items should be clear and has almost 0% duties while DHL charge us 21% duties + 21% tax, and refused to work with me, and fix the wrong declaration they did.
DHL did a false declaration to the Customs of the Netherlands by using another HS Code and without our Authorization or Power of attorney.

De oplossing

i am requesting DHL to review the Invoice and Fix the HSCODE used in order to clear the package without authorization.
so we will pay only TAX and duties , nothing else extra fees. and take in consideration the shipping in the price, or accept the detailed invoice from the chinese manufacture they have all the details.
Our total invoice amount is 4500 USD for all including shipping fees, so we should pay vat on this amount 4500 USD.

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    DHL Express
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    Good afternoon mister Saad,

    Thank you for your message.

    I understand that you are requesting that the invoice will be changed regarding the shipment as this is a very high amount. My apologies for the inconvienence.

    I want to advise you to contact our financial department directly. Their phonenumber is on the invoice you received. But you can contact them on phonennumber: 088 100 4200. They can help you solve the issue directly.

    With kind regards,

    DHL Express

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
They did provide, any proof or way for the solution, the phone number they gave me, the agent does not want to fix anything before i pay them the ransom, it is like they have hostage and force to pay ransom , they refuse to review the invoice. then they will discuss after i pay. so no solution, if any let them say it here , why i have to hide and call, let all record be public.
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