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hello sir,
i bought a necklace from Eindhoven diamond point. i asked the the seller how much weight of gold on it , she replied 14. when i returned home and checked the slip i found its only 2 gram , i tried to return it on the same day but when i returned they was closed (i bought it at the end of the day we may check the time recorded on the shop database) i came next day (saturaday) but they refused also. i feel like i got tricked just to buy. i contacted the customer support they said yes she made a mistake but becuase in netherland weight means karat. i went again to shop and asked onther seller about one of the item weight she relpied correctly , which mean the first seller tricked me just to sell. also they refused at the branch to give me the seller name.

Thank you.

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i want to return the item and get my money back not a voucher becuase i really do not like to deal with this shop again.

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    Diamond Point
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    Dear sir,

    We are so sorry for the confusion you had in the shop. We will send you a personal email to dissolve it for you.

    Kind regards,
    Diamond Point

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