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Directlease NL has mislead me into ordering the wrong model car.

They advertised a few months ago a Peugeot 208 Active as having extras such as parking sensors, etc.I ordered the car and a car without parking sensors or any additional extras which were described on their website arrived. They told me the car I ordered does not have the extras I am asking about. They advertised the car wrongly.

After the car has been delivered they have been extremely unhelpful. They just said I can pay extra to add parking sensors on this model car.
They do not acknowledge they have mislead me as a client and have stopped replying to my emails or answering my phone calls.

I really need help with this issue.

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I really need some help with this issue from someone else as Directlease is ignoring the issue.
I would like to Directlease to provide the car I was lead to believe I was ordering .
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The issue was solved quickly and in a very professional way and I am very happy with the outcome. I would like to thank Directlease again for the help.

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    Dear Miss Georgiewa,

    I spoke to you earlier today about your complaint. Of course DirectLease will never try to mislead any of its customers, Nevertheless we regret the negative feelings you had about our services. I think we solved your problem properly and therefore we hope you will regain a positive vibe when thinking about DirectLease.

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