Klacht Domvast: Domvast is withholding my rent money for over 10 days and also not reachable by email or phone.

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I am a landlord and Domvast makelaar is renting out my apartment for me. We only have a financial service contract where Domvast collects rent from the tenant each month and transfer to me on the 5th of every month. However, this month the rent is late for over 10 days and I still haven't received it. I tried calling the office many times but my call never got through, I sent them 3 emails and also hear nothing for over 10 days. They have made it impossible to contact them or get any kind of response. Therefore Domast has my rent money and without giving me any reason, they are withholding my money.
This is not acceptable and very unprofessional, not only they keep my money but also impossible to reach them. I can't even terminate my contract with them, and I'm forced to stay in this business with them because they make it impossible to cancel. In addition I invest the rent money to a saving scheme every month, so with this behavior I am also suffering from financial loss.

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- Transfer the rent to my account before 21st December
- Terminate all my contract with them, including the financial service
- Since I will not work with Domvast any longer, they should also transfer the tenants' deposit to me because Domvast will not be there when the tenants leave the apartment.
- I want a written explanation from Domvast of why they keep my money for so long, also to explain to me why they are not replying to my 3 emails in over 10 days and not answering their phone.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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