Klacht DTG: Unwanted services initiated by dtg and now dtg is seeking payment for them from me

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De klacht

I received phone calls during September 2017 asking me if I would like a webprofile for my new business. During the 3rd call I told them that I was not interested in the product. I never activated any accounts through links that they sent me.

In december 2017 and now January 2018 I have received two accounts for my online profile. Each 46,58 euro.

I have contacted them after I received the first account. I was told that they would send me the voice recording where I agreed to the service. I have not be able to listen to the recording because both formats they sent me always fail with any media player that I have tried.

I have also sent an email on 12 December 2017 stating that I wished to have all services provided by them terminated with immediate effect.

I do not wish to receive any services from dtg.

Please sort this out!

factuur 6656331 and 218002184

De oplossing

Send letter stating that the invoices were sent erroneously and clear my name of any debt to them.I would like them to terminate any accounts that they have made for me.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear ms Gertenbach,

    Thankyou for your message. We have cancelled your order and have terminated the account. Within four weeks you will receive a credit invoice.

    With kind regards,

    Montana Sumter
    DTG Customer Care