Klacht Duinrell: Tuis gestuurd zonders Tikibad acces omdat Tikibad vol was,

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We bought 4 Duinrell e-tickets for Duinrell with 3 Tikibad hours (anytime in the day). We went to Duinrell on August 2nd and the day went fine. when we went to Tikibad at 17h we saw through the windows that the swimming pool were packed and there was a queue of about 50 meters to enter. We did not think it made sense to queue as our 6 years and we asked if we could come at 19h (Tikibad is closing at 22h). Security and entrance desk confirmed it was a better option. when we came back at 19h security told us that there was too many people in Tikibad and nobody would be allowed in today. they sent us to the the "kassa". There the employee gave us an email address to file our case.
in practice Duinrell is proposing for us to come back another day at 16h (so we can stay in the pool through the rush hour :-( or in September !

When we mentioned our six years old and our concerns about coming at 16h, the answer we got actually became a lot less friendly. So we decided to formalize what was just supposed to be a quick and friendly settlement.

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We paid 6 euros extra for tikibad on every ticket, and we could not use it.
we don't see the use to come in the middle of the rush hour when we had ticket without any time frame for tikibad. it does not seems very fun plan.

So when we cannot choose the time we use our tikibad 3 hours we want the 24 euros back.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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