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I bought a webcam 2 months ago, today I received the 4th email pushing the "in stock" date for another month. I called the customer service (again) and the only answer (again) is them blaming the supplier, but they keep lying about the stock dates on their website and scamming people by selling products they DON'T have in stock and DON'T know when they're going to have them. They just don't take any responsibility for anything. I wouldn't recommend them AT ALL.

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Take responsibility for lying to the customers!!!
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    Dear mister Baez,
    The last thing we would ever want to do is lie to our customers. We are living in very unfortunate times where these products are extremely hard to come by; because of the immense increase in demand, the manufacturers can not deliver all of the products people have ordered in time.
    The dates seen online are dates that are given from the suppliers, who on their turn get the dates from the manufacturers; unfortunately, the manufacturers can not deliver everything on time.
    We would love to give you every other answer about this certain situation, but we have learned that these days, it is impossible and the only thing we can do, is wait for the products to arrive. This is unfortunately a global problem, not just in the Netherlands.

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