Opgelost door Dynafix: Crash after System Update: Not covered by HTC warranty

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HTC phones are under warranty for 2 years.
Mine is 13 months old.
After the last System Update, it crashed: dead.
There was a slight scratch on the screen, there for months, which has nothing to do with the system update crash, but because of that, Dynafix says it was not covered and I had to pay 399 euros to get it fixed (including screen replacement and motherboard replacement) - so by saying that the motherboard needs to be replaced, Dynafix admits the motherboard failure after the system update but still doesn't wantfix it within the warranty. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

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Dynafix to fix it as part of the warranty as the problem was caused by HTC system update.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear AlexA,
    Thank you for contacting us. We are very sorry to hear you are not satisfied with our service!
    Dynafix is the repair center for HTC, the manufacturer of your device. HTC is responsible for the warranty and corresponding warranty terms.
    We have to offer you a solution for all defects present on your device, and because some of the defects found on your device are deemed out of warranty you are quoted for the repair.
    However, HTC enables us to perform only the in warranty part of the repair if you wish and provided this is possible. Following your request to do just that, the quotation was cancelled and the in warranty part of the repair is being performed.
    We hope to have been of service to you. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
    Dynafix WeCare Team
  2. Auteur
    Dear Dynafix WeCare Team Member,
    Thanks for your swift response. Let me rephrase your solution as I am not sure to have fully understood:
    You are telling me that you were asked by HTC to quote for all the necessary repairs of the phone, so not only the motherboard but also the screen. As I told you the screen wasn't an issue, you confirm to me that you are currently repairing the motherboard (to fix the System Upgrade issue) and that this repair is within the warranty? Thanks for confirming.

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