Klacht EE Express: Take actions to investigate the status of my parcel and give the final result in10 days

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Chao Li
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I chose EE Express to deliver my parcel to Beijing,China on 24th May 2017.I paid 51 euros for the postage.The parcel number is 3SCAFV6845502 There is 120 euros personal belongings inside the parcel.Usually it takes 14 days shipping from Venray, Netherlands to Beijing ,China.After 25 days since the delivery,I realized that something went wrong.Then I emailed to EE Express, and got a reply that they informed the PostNL to investigate the status of my parcel and PostNL need up to 3 months.I can not agree on the super long period.As you know, the longer the investigate takes,the higher risk I have to take that my parcel is lost.What's more,there is an important documentation inside the package that I need to use urgently.I tried several times to contact with EE Express, and the reply is always the same--it is in process.I am so desperate and helpless.Could you help me to push the EE Express to solve the problem

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1.Take actions to investigate the status of my package,and give the final feedback in 10 days 2. If the parcel can be found, please post it to me as soon as possible and refund me half the postage 3. If the parcel is lost, please refund me the postage and my personal belongings with reasonal compensation according to Dutch law and regulations

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    EE Express
    3SCAFV6845502 is 13kg, PostNL Rates for parcel to China - 10-20kg: € 105,30

    Usually within 1 to 2 days we send this client a reply/ update about this case after receiving his mail.

    On 06-06-2017 we got the first mail asking about this parcel and apply an inquiry.
    On 09-06-2017 PostNL has registered this case under casenumber; 03864xxx, and told us that an investigation can take up to three months. In between we have called,mailed PostNL several times.

    This client shouldn't use PostNL for document. It is not meant for this. Our company policy strongly advise against sending documents as parcel. Why not choose another way with guaranteed delivery within a week if this document is so important.
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    Chao Li
    No matter what is in the parcel,the responsibility of EE Express is to deliver the parcel to the destination without any excuse.Up to now,it is already 42 days since the parcel was delivered to EE Express.Please try your best to solve the problem instead of blaming your customer for trusting you.I can not accept the 3 months-inquiry, since it never takes as long as that and there is a promise from your website that it takes no more than 2 months to deal with this situation(see the screenshot in the Bijlagen beheren ). I am looking forward to your sincere attitude to fix it as soon as possible, rather than dispute over trifles

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