Klacht Ekodeal: Ekodeal failed to deliver iPhone within 72 hours and when finally delivered it was an EMPTY box!!!

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De klacht

I ordered iPhone4 at Ekodeal website because they promised delivery within 24 hours. My order was placed on Saturday with the comment that time of delivery is critical and I expect the phone no later than Tuesday (so it gives them more than 72 hours). It was not delivered in time. When finally I got the package there was an EMPTY box from iPhone inside. And now 6 weeks later they still REFUSE to refund money and we are going to court with them. NEVER-EVER buy anything from them!!!

De oplossing

Ekodeal must hold internal investigations and fire untrusted employees, until then they should keep their internal problems away from customers. if they are not able to do it their trading license should be cancelled. In my particular case I want my money back as soon as possible.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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