Klacht Eneco: ENERGY FRAUD by ENECO made me sign three year contract falsely.

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I will take you to courts because I had been falsely approached by ENECO energy company. I do NOT understand DUTCH and your employer came to my door and told me that my previous energy supplier which was you (ENECO) is conducting some survey and he just asked me to sign a document and I will receive some survey to fill in. After that I got calls from ENECO but due to my work commitments I never was able to talk to them between 9am-6pm. Today I received documents that I have signed energy contract with ENECO for three years, WOHA. I DO NOT want to shift from my current E.ON energy supplier.

The employer who came to my door gave me his phone number, if I do not want to receive any survey I can call him. I called him he said he will cancel it, but now I see he has blocked me from his phone.

I am surely not going to stay silent in this matter.

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I do NOT want to receive energy from ENECO,, and after this event I do NOT for the rest of my fucking life want to receive energy from ENECO.

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    Dear mister, misses ali Waqar,I'm very sorry for what happened. This not the way we normally work. I canceled your contracts immediately, so Eneco will not be your energy-supplier in the future. I understand you're angry, but i hope you are satisfied with the solution.Kind regards,Martijn, Eneco

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