Klacht Eye Wish Opticiens: The company send me the wrong product(contact lenses) which affects my eyesight.

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I have subscribed the contact lenses EYE WISH OPTICIANS from last year February. This morning, I open a new box I found that the degree(Sterkte) on the paper is not correspond with the degree on the contact lenses!!!

I still remember when I go to their store to check , the staff there told me that their contact lenses are not “Chinese quality” . Even though I am not happy, I still tell myself that I should trust their professional quality and service.

I called the costumer service hope to solve this problem, they said it's my fault that I don't check the product and they will not refund the money.It's also my fault that I don't have a spare one.

I called their store, the staff told me that I have to return the product to their store first, they can't do anything at this moment, they may know how to solve it when I return the wrong product to their store! And he said it's a small problem I should not call the customer service!

I feel so sad this morning when I find this. I feel that I am cheated. At beginning they often forget to send me the contact lenses then they said it's the postmen's fault! now they send me the wrong one and I almost use it to my eyes for more than half year ! I never receive an apology! I really have very bad feeling of their “good service”! From their words, all these are my fault!

De oplossing

I want my money back to my bank account and I need their apology letter through email. Ask the postman to pick up if they want the wrong product back.

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Eye Wish Opticiens
    Dear mrs Wang,

    We have received your message in good order.

    We always consider the information received from our costumers very seriously. Our procedure is that we always contact the store involved, so that we can have a clear vision of the situation. Based on this information you will receive a response either from the store or from the head office. This response will be given within 2 weeks.

    We would like to thank you for your understanding and we want to let you know that we appreciate the time and effort you took to inform us about this situation.

    Kind regards,
    Eye Wish klantenservice
  2. Auteur
    Any news?

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