Klacht Facebook: Destroy all of my Facebook pages because a CURSE rests upon them. Destroy it A.S.A.P ❗✝️

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How on earth does my complaint written as best as i can in Dutch to that Peaky Google bar and also to this Radar complaint Compas and consumer society ( consumenten bond ) my complaints doesnt even get taken seriously. And i need for you to really take it seriously because there are people out there who keep on insulting me ❕❗on a daily basis 😡. And that's more than agonizing, first there was this neffue of mine who wrote such hidious nonsens on the Facebook page of ti-ti amora jean Grey. What he wrote is more than ridiculous and it wasn't even my ✍️ writings. How dare he well to bad and to sad to say that that particular neffue died ✝️ which means he really is no more ❕❗. He wrote to many first and foremost lies on it. I am not even born in : Venturina Toscane Italy and more of such complete bullshit he wrote in that frame things that he never ever should have written. First and foremost ( again ) he always had my 🔑 so everytime i was not at home sometimes for a long time, he just got in and everytime he must have remembered by probably recording a lot everytime i visited his place with his I-phone you also can use it as a voice recorder. And when i told him that nobody but nobody must know of my authors name and of many writings of my life, like poetry my quotes philosophies and more. Such as certain books i have red throughout the years. He just came into my house turned on the ( mine ) computer found my well hidden harddrive sticks and just wrote whatever he wanted to wrote on it. His English grammar is so poor that everyone who knows me, knew that the space within the frame was completely empty. And he just thought either or to tease me or writing things on it out of spite ❔❗
The poor fatso died in 2020 of AIDS HIV ZERO POSITIVE. And more people have died on me everytime i was gone to long 😶. So now I would for you complaint frame of Facebook to really really take me seriously because more boys have died due to those stupidities like why they had copieed most of my Facebook pages and even this silly cousin [ female ] of mine who sneakely made herself a Facebook page using my 4 names also using all my pictures without even telling me or asking me 😡. Everytime someone does things to intentionally trie to Hurt 💔❤️‍🩹me suddenly just dies ❕❗✝️. Now can you hopefully and finally see why i would want for you and like for you to immediately DESTROY all my Facebook pages also all of them who were once copied you really need to destroy them. It's CURSED

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I would like for this company to immediately send this request to America to whoever is in charge now of David Zuchenbergs Facebook compagnie and show what i have written above immediately tell him/them that to many boys ( estimation now is up to 30 boys ) so it must once again taken more than immidiatly and than destroy it the moment this message arrives has been red and than just instantaniously yet immidiatly DESTROY every Facebook page with these names ti ti Amora Jean Grey, Ti Ti Amora Jean Grey also Amora Jean Omnia Helena Grey . This message must be taken more than serious for all those Facebook pages bare a DEADLY CURSE which means it is more than CURSED. He or she that doesn't take this seriously i am so sorry if you dismay it or dismiss it. You shall than have very short to LIVE don't believe me fine 😶❗. Aids Hiv shall as a Shadow be upon you. This message was written a long time ago and some people just don't learn from their Mistakes. Hope you will learn immidiatly !
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Dear other people such as immidiate family and other kinds of kin &nd families i grew up with in the past aswell as in this present maybe also you some ✨celebs💫 { you know : when no obody's looking } &nd the ones who especially must have their way by thinking : I'll rat you out or I'll write about you ❔❗🖕. So what i grew up as a boy ( mostly tomboy ) but to them who keep on wanting to scrutinize and to want to 😚 intentionally ridicule me ; so you saw a video of my body where occasionally my "twin" brother was allowed to Live in me. So you saw it so what of it ❔❕. Even though i had to dress as a man i never ever was one you silly dopes ( family may spoken for only ) I'm writing this in the English grammar ( so yes which means the Universal language ) &nd what you think of it is don't care ; well ❤️‍🩹 sometimes &nd sometimes 💔 this. Because i really really can not come on Facebook personally anymore 😞 due to the fact that Facebook now suddenly asks for a new password and a new ☎
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