Klacht FitforFree: Not taking right measures in COVID

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I am being harassed since months now to pause my membership due to covid. In October I visited the branch and requested to pause it which dis not happen and after fee was deducted from my account in November they told me to call customer service.

When I called them they said it would be done from this month again dis not happen untill December so I called again and the asked me to visit gym.

After being fedup of this game I send messages on Facebook and Klancthcompass I was told to produce doctor certificate.

I have attached doctor certificate and request you to pause my membership and extend my membership by 4 months.

This is not how you should treat your customers in this challenging times.

De oplossing

I want to get help to raise a legal case on this basis.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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