Klacht Flevo Dance Wear: They haven't given me the refund more than 3 months after I returned the goods.

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I fitted a pair of pointe shoes at Flevo Dance in Amsterdam on 31 March. I was satisfied with 2 pairs and finally bought 1 pair. Afterwards I'd like to buy the other pair (including the ribbon) as well, so I call the shop. They said they would send them to me by mail and helped me with the payment. I paid on 5 April but finally received them on 20 April! Moreover, the pair I received was not the pair I fitted in the store, so I decided to send them back. They asked me to send them back to their store in Almere and would give me the refund. But they also said because they didn't have a return policy, so I have to pay the shipping fee myself. Anyway, I sent them back and they received them on 5 May. However, I haven't received the refund until now.

I've send them many emails and called them many calls (at least one call per week). They didn't reply facebook messages and responded emails slowly. So I had to call them every week. Every time they promised to give me the refund soon. However, it's been more than 3 months, and I haven't received anything yet. After so many ineffective communications, I lose my patience and trust in them. I don't know the motivation or difficulties behind their behavior. I've give them sufficient time to deal with it. But now it seems extremely ridiculous to anyone. To me, as a consumer, my rights were violated.

De oplossing

I demand a refund of the cost (71,05 euros) plus the shipping fee (5,99) euros, which is 77,04 euros.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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