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We decided on this company because of the good reviews! But our experience was not the same.

First, we agreed that we'd start moving at 9:00a, but nobody showed up. I called the company and tried to reach anyone, but nobody answered the phone and I only got news at 10:20a that the guys and the truck would arrive at 10:45a.

It also seemed like the guys didn't want to move my stuff, and expected me and a couple of my friends to do most of the work (2 floors of stairs with furniture and boxes!) while they loaded the truck.

After we loaded up the truck, they left half an hour before we did since we had to lock up the apartment. The drive to the destination was only an hour for us, so we thought they'd be there already as they left way before us. However, no sign of them or the truck when we arrived, and so we called the company, and apparently they had made a pit stop and were "on their way." It took them another hour to arrive (total drive time 2,5h for them?? for 70km??).

After they arrived, they helped move some things but were not very careful and scratched some of my furniture. It also seemed that they still expected us to do most of the work.

When the moving process was finished, they charged for the entire time, including all the time they were MIA, and hadn't bothered to inform me if they were on a break or on their way. The total time charged was 4h15, but they said that they always "round up" to the nearest hour, so I was charged for 5 hours of their time, and it was CASH ONLY!! I was also told I would receive an invoice/receipt but it never happened.

Needless to say, I really do not recommend this company at all and I will not be using any of their services in the future.

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don't charge for hours that you spent chilling! give me an invoice! be less shady!

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