Klacht Fly-a-way.eu: Business Collect B.V threatning call to pay money - a fraud by Fly-a -away website

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I received a call from a collecting agency Business Collect B.V.that I need to pay 106 euro as I have not replied to a mail that I should have received from fly a way. I was shocked as I had not received any mail i my inbox . the person at collecting agency was shouting , threatening and using a very abusive language (all in dutch) and my understanding of dutch language is limited. I told to him that he should speak politely and in English .next day I again received call from collecting agency Business Collect B.V.that they are ok if I pay 65 euros but I said that its not the money but I think this is not genuine as when I saw fly a way website and contacted the number given 31 85 732 58 05 it said that this is the number of some webshop and they have no idea about fly-a-way. then i looked up the information on klachtenkompas.nl and saw that people have reported it as fraud .. just calling and threatening the people to pay money and no one received any tickets. I also went to juridisch loket and the lady informed its a fraud and i should not pay any money. and mail them to send me an email that i donot owe them any money and if they call me again& threatened me I will report to police for intimidating, threatening and using abusive language.

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BV collect should send me an email that i donot owe them or fly-a-away any money and my dossiernummer: 8353058 should be closed and they should never contact me again.

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Bedrijf status


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